A Comprehensive Marketing Team at a Fraction of the Price

Stop struggling to stand out in the crowd and let LoBello Marketing help you attract and attain new customers.  

We Specialize in Marketing for Small Businesses

We partner with clients to either supplement their in-house marketing department or serve as their full-service outsourced marketing department.  Even if you know nothing about marketing, we are here to step in and guide you or just do it for you so your time is freed up to focus on more important things.  

What We Offer

Digital Marketing

Boost your brand’s visibility and engage potential customers by actively participating on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or LinkedIn through targeted ad campaigns. Be present where your audience is, capturing their attention at the right moment to maximize brand awareness.

Branding & Design

Set your brand apart with custom designs that reflect your identity. Explore creative strategies to enhance your brand, product packaging, and messaging.

We partner with businesses to create unique and tailored brand pieces that meet their specific needs.

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

We work with all kinds of businesses to help them sell more using proven marketing techniques. Even though we live in a digital age, old-fashioned marketing methods still work well. Some people like traditional ways of advertising, but we’re experts in creating strategies that use both traditional and digital methods for the best results.

Clients We Have Served….

Your Success is Our Business

“LoBello Marketing takes care of our social media, website, marketing, and more for Vandell Vacation Rentals. I’m extremely satisfied with how well she has done. She has helped us reach our goals and it’s been more of a partnership than just buying a service from her. Jenny continually helps us come up with creative ideas on increasing brand visibility. I highly recommend Jenny and her team. She’s creative, fun, professional, and very hard working!”

Wilson Vanhook
Owner, Vandell Vacation Rentals

Helpful Tips from LoBello Marketing

Effective marketing is an ongoing process, and we’re continually refining our strategies and tactics to take full advantage of every opportunity to improve your results.  Here is some of the most helpful information we’ve come across lately…

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Inbox Gold: Why Email Marketing?

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Why Marketing is Crucial for Small Businesses

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Why Reviews Matter…

Why Reviews Matter…

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